A culinary journey is always a personal experience. As it is linked with a personal experience, it also becomes a unique experience. Since an experience is unique and personal, this is what makes the sensation of trying new meals so appealing to several people. If you want to try new things in Ubud, you can try mouthwatering Pangasius Mozaic at Wild Air.

One of Wild Air Restaurant's new dishes that you should try, especially if you love seafood, is Pangasius Mozaic.  Pangasius is an excellent choice for families, especially those who are concerned about their nutrition. Pangasius fish has numerous benefits, including being a source of Omega 3, high in protein, low in saturated fat, and low in cholesterol.

This Pangasius Mozaic comes with a seaweed dash, clam manila, potato gratin, and cream cheese-green oil. Alongside it, you can also try one of our best-selling cocktails Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen, this was a way to end your dining experience. 

Wild Air Restaurant Ubud is located in central Ubud at Jalan Bisma no. 888x Ubud, near the Sacred Monkey Forest. Surrounded by unspoiled nature with a breathtaking view of the green valley, Wild Air Restaurant offers an Asian and Western menu with signature beverages made with passion by the top-notch chef.

This restaurant is also completed with a co-working space with convenient seating facing the green forest view to refresh your mind. Also, you may enjoy and relax at the Swimming Pool onsite at the restaurant. Open daily from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm Wild Air Restaurant invites you to pamper your tongue with the food and captivate you with spectacular scenery.

So, if you want to feel the sensation of the mouthwatering pangasius Mozaic, come to Wild Air Restaurant. Learn more about Wild Air restaurant on Instagram @wildairubud or reach the restaurant at https://wildairubud.com/contact